Every intentional conversation is an opportunity
to create an epic outcome. 


I train professionals in the home furnishings industry
to achieve extraordinary results using my proven sales system


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What are intentional conversations?

They are mindful interactions that harness the power of relational skills to create a positive outcome. 

I work with you to create these for you, for your people, and with your clients. 

Are you ready to make an impact and meet your goals?

With a proven method to consistently hit your targets, you'll be left asking one question:
'Why did I wait so long to connect with Jody?'

I Need To Meet My Sales Goal

I teach sales professionals to break down the sales process, identify areas for growth, and increase revenue. 

I Need My Sales Team To Meet Goal

I work with sales managers by giving them a proven sales program called Sell It Or Schedule It so that their team can hit their sales goals month after month.

I Need To Grow My Interior Design Business

I teach interior designers about the business of interior design. Without sacrificing creativity, I give designers a roadmap to profitability.

Happy clients that continue to meet and exceed their goals!

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