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What are the benefits of the Workforce Training Fund?

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in it’s brilliant support of locally owned businesses, offers grant funds to companies to train their employees, and measures the effectiveness of the program by increased productivity and sales revenue or decreased employee attrition. The Workforce Training FundProgram helps address business productivity and competitiveness by providing resources to Massachusetts businesses to fund training for current and newly hired employees.

Research shows that investing in training and development of existing employees is the most cost effective way to ensure that your business is achieving goals and your team members are working to their full potential. For most small businesses the expense of quality training can be a barrier. If you are a business in Massachusetts there is an answer!

Why should you consider the Workforce Training Fund?

Many of my highly sought after trainings are available through the Express Grant program. The One by One team can even help you with the simple application and reimbursement paperwork.

We LOVE this program!!!

I chose the Express Grant because it is easy to apply for and manage and, is well within the scope of what most small businesses need and with the help of WTFP grant funds, can now afford!  Please visit Work Force Training Fund to acquaint yourself with my programs that are currently approved for reimbursement or call me [877-663-9663] to discuss your specific training needs and how to put Express Grant Funds to work for your business!



How does the Express Grant Program work?

The following criteria are needed in order to be approved for the Express Grant program:

  1. Businesses with 100 or fewer employees that contribute to the Workforce Training Fund are eligible to apply for an Express Grant.
  2. All for-profit companies automatically pay into the fund, If you are a non-profit click here to see if you qualify.
  3. Government agencies are not eligible to apply.
  4. Grant funds are limited to $30,000 per company per calendar year and $3,000 per employee per course.
  5. If approved, the WTFP will reimburse you for up to 50% of the actual cost of training.*

*Note:  Courses that a company is legally mandated to provide to its employees are not eligible for reimbursement under this program (i.e. OSHA). You may only request reimbursement for training for employees who are on your company’s payroll and work in Massachusetts.